Course Tour

Hole #1

Par 4
Tour 364
Blue 351
White 344
Gold 317
Red 295

The opening hole sets the stage for what's to come at Oaks Country Club. This is a course that boasts small, well protected putting surfaces and rewards a precise game. Clearly visible from historic photographs, the fairway on this hole has narrowed over the years and it will be restored to fit symmetrically between the tree lines. Additionally the cart path, positioned along the edge of the fairway, mars the beauty of the gold course and impacts play and will be shifted amongst the trees on the right side.

The green will extend further back and will continue to have bunkers on both sides; however, the right bunker will slide slightly to the rear, revealing a small chipping are for those missing the green short. This bunker positioning also allows for easier access for players walking to and from the cart path.

The tees will be completely rebuilt, highlighted by new forward tees, making this hole play more equitably for all players. The back tee will slide further way from the clubhouse, simply improving space and privacy. The Blue tee will be combined with the old foward tee sliver to present a large tee and gathering location for starting the round. Drainage will be added in key locations on both sides of the fairway and approach to the green.